Legislation and Rules

ACAT Act - This is the Prinicpal legislation that governs ACAT

ACAT Directions (PDF  160kb) - These are the procedures that parties should comply with

Transitional Regulation - a piece of legislation that covers the transition from matters that existed pre 2nd February 2009 to the new jurisdiction of ACAT

Regulation - Further governing legislation

Rules - subordinate governing legislation

Complete list of Approved Forms - This is a link to all approved forms on the Legislation Website.

Current Policies and Procedures

Urgent applications

Adjournment requests

Making an application - how to identify and name parties in ACAT proceedings

Coming to the ACAT - Guides for Parties

Complaints Procedure

How to communicate with ACAT

Subpoena Procedures

How to order transcripts at ACAT

How to make an inquiry about a reserved decision

Policy on access to documents and material on ACAT case files

Policy for interpreters at ACAT

Policy on the use of electronic devices at ACAT

Protocol on the release of data from ACAT