Retirement Villages Disputes

A retirement village is a residential complex where all or most of the residents are retired persons. Each resident has a contract with the operator for the provision of services, the right to reside in the premises, or other matters. Aged care facilities, mobile home parks and some other sorts of premises are not retirement villages.

From 4 March 2013 the Retirement Villages Act 2012 sets out the rights and the obligations of residents and operators of a retirement village in the ACT.

The Act provides that if there is a dispute or problem, a resident or operator or other defined entity can apply to the ACAT to resolve the matter.

What does the Retirement Villages Act do?

What can I apply to ACAT for?

How do I make an application to the ACAT?

What happens after the application is filed?



Any description of the ACAT’s jurisdiction or procedures on this website is general information only and does not limit the types of applications ACAT has power to decide or the process that will be followed. ACAT’s powers in any case will be determined by the relevant legislation. If you are unsure about your legal rights you should seek legal advice about your particular circumstances.