Inspection of Subpoenaed Materials

Where parties have an order of the ACAT to inspect subpoenaed materials, a request may be made to the ACAT by letter, email or verbally to request an appointment for the inspection. 

Requests should outline:

  • Case reference number and party names
  • Date of ACAT order to inspect subpoenaed materials
  • Confirmation that you are a party to the matter
  • Some proposed times you would be available to attend the ACAT to view the materials.

The ACAT Registry will be in contact with you about your request to make a time for you to attend the ACAT and inspect the documents.  Our standard appointments are 30 minutes in length.  Please advise the Registry if you think you will require longer than 30 minutes to view the materials.

Please note that a fee applies to the copying of documents.

Please email your request to the ACAT Registrar at, or refer to our contact details for further information.

If you are a solicitor, in some instances the Tribunal may have made an order that you can uplift the subpoenaed material for a particular period of time. If this is the case, you will still need to attend the ACAT counter to request to uplift the material in accordance with the ACAT order.